As APC Prepare to cause chaos, Ministers and wives flee the country

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Dr and Mrs Marrah: Is Mrs Marrah fleeing the country?

Credible sources at the Lungi International airport have intimated this press the the APC party is planning to plunge the country into dangerous conflict. The party hierarchy led by Alhaji Osman Yansaneh, the Secretary General of the APC party have decided that they will publish false results of the elections they have just lost and declare Samura Kamara the winner before NEC annouces the real result which has Bio winning by at least 52% of the votes. Wiser heads like IB Kargbo, Victor Foh and Alpha Khan have warned them against such dangerous moves but desperate people like Yansaneh, Washingai, Logus Koroma and Karamoh Kabbah to name a few are insisting on the dangerous plan.

Desperate Balogun Koroma Minister of Transport.

The plan is for the APC party headquarter to announce their own result, arrest the NEC staff including Nfa Ali Conteh and seal NEC’s premises. In addition, they plan to arrest some SLPP party stalwarts. They will instruct their members to go on the rampage and celebrate their fake result. Victor Foh warned them that they should not forget the way the AFRC people were treated when they imposed their will on the people. He said, “I was sentenced to death and no one is going to involve me in such a dangerous plan”.

Meanwhile ministers and their wives were spotted at Lungi International airport boarding SN Brussels flight leaving the country. Mrs Henry Macauley and Mrs Kelfala Marrah were confirmed to be on the flight today Sunday April 1st leaving Sierra Leone. It should be noted that the husband of Mrs Marah, Dr. Kelfala Marrah the Minister of Foreign Affairs was preventing the NEC officials from transporting ballot papers from Falaba to the regional tally center in Makeni. While Dr. Marrah is busy acting in a way to bring chaos in the country, his wife is on the flight leaving the country. The First Lady Sia Koroma left the country last week for Dubai. Do these women know something is wrong in the country?

Those who are confirmed to have fled the country are:

Mrs Kelfala Marah, Henry Macauley and family, Karamoh Kabbah and familyGM of Ports Authority and family.


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